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Dental Office Compliance of New England has been a great find for an easy way to help our office maintain our compliance. They did respirator fit-testing for us too and provided us with a Respiratory Protection Plan. Dr. Kane is there when she says she will be there, makes the sessions enjoyable, and follows through with what she says she is going to do after.


I love working with you as you are pleasant and just so easy to work with. That’s why I choose to work with talented people like yourself and Lisa. I need this business to work as well as possible. I appreciate you helping make that a reality for me. 


I am still getting used to all the compliance, but the Portal is making it much more digestible.

Dental Staff

Highly Recommended! Dr. Lisa was great to work with: thorough, efficient, and knowledgeable. She had great tips on how to wear your N-95 mask.


Dr. Lisa Kane did an incredibly thorough job of evaluating all areas of our practice, reporting the results, and then organizing an action plan for us to follow to fine-tune our compliance process. She makes an overwhelming task manageable. In addition, Dr. Kane provides a great service of Fit Testing for the N-95 masks. I highly recommend Dental Office Compliance of New England.


I have taken an in-person and online course with Lisa and she has been amazing. She tries to make the material entertaining while also taking the topics seriously. She listens to questions without judgment and will help you hold yourself to the highest quality of safety standards while also being easy to talk to! Highly recommend!


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