Live CE Classes
In-Person or Virtual

Live Continuing Education Classes In-Person or Virtual

Keep your staff up-to-date using the latest information in the dental field while earning CEUs. These classes can be given in-person or virtually. Schedule your class today.

Infection Control/OSHA Review

  • Review of CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in the Dental Healthcare Setting
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Review
  • SDS and GHS Hazard Communications
  • General Office Safety Standards

CEUs: 2 (2 Hours) or 3 (3 Hours)
Speaker: Lisa Kane, DMD, Dental Office Compliance of New England

HIPAA Compliance

  • What is HIPAA and why do you need to know it?
  • What is Protected Health Information
  • What’s included in the Notice of Privacy Practices and HIPAA Compliance Manual
  • The identities and roles of the Privacy Officer and Security Officer
  • Common HIPAA compliance issues and how the Practice’s site-specific policies can mitigate them

CEUs: 2 (2 Hour)
Speaker: Russell Kane, JD, Dental Office Compliance of New England

Medical Emergencies

  • An understanding of what’s in your emergency kit
  • Common medical emergencies in the dental office
  • Emergency scenarios that may occur in your office and how to respond
  • How to best prepare for an emergency

CEUs: 2 (2 Hour)
Speaker: Lisa Kane, DMD, Dental Office Compliance of New England

Risk Management

  • Key risks for a dental practice and how to mitigate them
  • The most common malpractice claims and Dental Board complaints
  • The Standard of Care in Dentistry
  • The Dentist-Patient Relationship – the importance of communication and documentation
  • Best practices for Informed Consents and the Dental Records (i.e., patient charts)
  • Other sources of risk for a practice

CEUs: 3 (3 Hours)
Speaker: Lisa Kane, DMD & Russell Kane, JD

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Dental Records Requirements & Best Practices

  • How to keep more complete and accurate dental records;
  • How to discern between strong and less-then-optimal entries;
  • How to amend entries in a way that enhances patient treatment and reduces your liability; and
  • The importance of periodically auditing your patients’ dental records.

CEUs: 1 (1 Hour)
Speaker: Lisa Kane, DMD, Dental Office Compliance of New England

CPR/BLS Certification

Learn the fundamentals of Basic Life Support.  The American Heart Association’s in-depth, science based training includes:

  • Adult CPR
  • Infant CPR
  • AED Utilization
  • Relief of a Foreign-Body Airway Obstructions

CEUs: Most states will count AHA CPR/BLS Certification as 3 (2.5 Hour)

Speaker: Adam Wolfset

Once purchased, classes are nonrefundable. If you have questions or issues please contact for assistance.