Foiled Again!

Foiled Again!

Foiled Again! 150 150 russelldoc4ne

          Is your ultrasonic cleaner not cleaning like it used to?  Play the foil to this negative possibility by conducting a monthly foil test.   

          The way to perform the test is as follows:

  • Put on the appropriate PPE:  utility gloves, eyewear and a mask; 
  • Freshly prepare cleaning solution and fill the ultrasonic to the recommended level;
  • Run the machine for 5 minutes to degas the solution;
  • Cut a piece of aluminum foil the width of the ultrasonic and lower it into the solution but stop just before it touches the bottom; and
  • Remove the foil after 1 minute.

If there are dents or perforations in the foil that are uniform in size and evenly distributed, this means that the ultrasonic is operating efficiently.  However, if this is not the case, the ultrasonic likely needs servicing. 

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